• Z!

    If Crazy bothers to look at this

    October 28, 2012 by Z!

    this wiki is so dead anyway, le sigh.


    If you bother.

    To look at this.


    Come back.

    We need you.

    The VW needs you.

    I don't know but


    when I am sad or in the middle of some drama

    you help make me feel better by encouraging me.

    and Krazy needs you too

    Matt is being more annoying than ever, btw lol.

    I just wish you were here cuz I'm going through so much, and I just want you to come back


    If you come across this blog someday, (and if I'm still here)

    take your time

    to think

    that maybe

    you should come back


    Wikia needs you.

    I need you.

    Please come back Crazy. We all love you so much. Seriously. I really just need your judgment, and your humour, AND YES THIS SOUNDS LUVEY DUVEY BUT IT IS TRUE, OKAY?



    i am begging.

    from …

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  • Z!

    I don't care

    June 24, 2012 by Z! when I leave for one day...I see that Foshi...out of nowhere starts to make fun of me here...and Crazy seems to chip I have a few words to say...

    Look...I know you are saying that for a reason...and I'm not to sure what reason there is...but know this...I'm done with's not affecting me anymore...say all you want...I did nothing to you recently..

    If it is because of anything I said...that's complete BS...cause in the beginning when we first kinda...met each other...we agreed that if we say mean things to each means we're joking...

    Sorry if I hurt you...but that's too far...

    I'm not listening to you

    If you want to be friends again..fine...but for now...just...know..your words hurt me on the inside...but it won't …

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