I'm glad to say, that we are now accepting Actors and Actresses for our characters! You basically just do the same thing for the character page...

1) Copy and paste the character info box.

2) Add information about your actor/actress. (Movies, Shows, etc. your actor/actress has done before) (also, any categories if possible)

3) Publish it!

We're glad to have a new addition to the Last Friday Night wiki. And please just add the actor and actresses for your characters only. Other users will add it for their characters only.

Also, if you wnat you actors and actresses to have a place to just hang out and talk to friends, click here!

And also, we recently got Last Friday Night a channel, we're airing on the Doppelganger Network (mainly targeted toward teens ages 13-21).

Thanks guys!

I don't like the gossip but the gossip likes me, As long as we can both agree to disagree! 22:20, June 27, 2012 (UTC)

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