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    Haha, I know this is like bad. xD. So please read and comment! I love hearing what people think! Lol

    Cody was walking home from school with Izzy. They both had barely said anything, or even noticed each other since it was quiet. They could tell it was about to rain... which was not good.


    Izzy saw how much Cody had cared about the flower dress, and she was actually pretty worried. It had been just a day later since their first kiss.

    And Izzy thought... Izzy thought she was in love with him. She was just too afraid to admit it, to the poor bi kid. Yes, bisexual.

    See, Izzy's family wasn't the biggest "homo fans". It's not like they were homophobes like Katy's family, but th…

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    I'm glad to say, that we are now accepting Actors and Actresses for our characters! You basically just do the same thing for the character page...

    1) Copy and paste the character info box.

    2) Add information about your actor/actress. (Movies, Shows, etc. your actor/actress has done before) (also, any categories if possible)

    3) Publish it!

    We're glad to have a new addition to the Last Friday Night wiki. And please just add the actor and actresses for your characters only. Other users will add it for their characters only.

    Also, if you wnat you actors and actresses to have a place to just hang out and talk to friends, click here!

    And also, we recently got Last Friday Night a channel, we're airing on the Doppelganger Network (mainly targeted toward t…

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    Emoticons Request

    June 15, 2012 by Crazy101Wiki

    I'm guessing you can see what this blog is about just by the title, but we are taking emoticons request! I have been adding lots of emotions, so just put the image/gif of the emotion that you want below in the comments, and the code in brackets (this [ and this ]).

    If the code name has already been taken, we will have to pick a different code name. Make sure they emoticons are appropriate for our wiki.

    Happy Emoticoning!

    I don't like the gossip but the gossip likes me, As long as we can both agree to disagree! 9:49 June 15, 2012

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    June 11, 2012 by Crazy101Wiki

    We will be roleplaying our first ever Pilot soon, and discussing ideas and other Pilot things in chat. But we have to make sure that everyone can be on to make sure we can get all of the characters in the Pilot.

    So if you have made a character, please post your time in UTC that you can come on to do the Pilot in chat. Make sure you post the day too. We will be trying to get everyone together around the same time for the Pilot in chat.

    To figure out your time in UTC, click here.

    Thanks guys! :D

    I don't like the gossip but the gossip likes me, As long as we can both agree to disagree! 2:34 June 11, 2012

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