So as a lot of you know... tries not to explode..OHWHATTHEHECK OUR ESTEEMED FOUNDER DISABLED HER ACCOUNT! *cries* Anyway, we need to decide on some things. These things are:

New admins

Is this wiki really dead?


Deletion of wiki


Updating wiki

Crazy's Characters

New Admins

If we want, we can have more admins, however, this also relates to number of beaucrats (which are currently none because of Crazy *cries*)

Is This Wiki Really Dead?

Is this wiki really dead? We have users, we just don't come on a lot. We need to be on more, and possibly get some roleplaying done.


So, as seen in "Is This Wiki Really Dead?", we could get some roleplaying done. We just need to time it correctly, and have EVERYONE be on that is important to the episode. And that means EVERYONE.

Deletion of Wiki

So if we don't get on a lot, and be on a lot, we may have to delete the wiki, or at least end the show, in that case, I feel we should do a Series Finale, because we all know why it'll be awesome.


Okay, so if we are going to continue and I really hope we are because RPing here is awesome we need beaucrats to make decisions on stuff, like making people admins. If we do continue, we will need beaucrats. I can contact Wikia and ask that they make one of us a beaucrat, someone we ALL decide on.

Updating Wiki

So if we are continuing, we will need to update this wiki ASAP. Be on all the time. Get more users!

Crazy's Characters

If we are continuing, we will need to decide whut to do with Crazy's Characters. Should we have other people play Crazy's Characters? Kill them off or something? Have them move? Divide up the characters so everyone gets to play Carazy *cries*?

Comment or else.

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