Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night (shortened as LFN) is a fictional teen drama television series that revolves around a bunch of teens struggling through school at Chicago High School, a new school recently built for the 2012-13 school year. The series premiere was on June 12, 2012. The show airs on The Epic Network and is aimed towards teens ages 13-21. The series has been renewed for a second season.



Season OneEdit

Title Prod. Code Writer (s) Airdate Director(s)
Pilot 101 Taylor Symoné & Kayli McClure June 12, 2012 Toby Matt
Pilot Part 2 102 Taylor Symoné & Kayli McClure June 19, 2012 Toby Matt
Last Friday Detention 103 Toby Matt and Taylor Symoné June 26, 2012 Kayli McClure
Styles, Styles Me 104 Taylor Symoné July 3, 2012 Unknown
Don't Order From Dizzy's 105 Kayli McClure and Taylor Symoné July 10, 2012 Toby Matt
A Trip Gone Wrong 106 Toby Matt and Taylor Symoné TBA Unknown
Ariana, Meet Ariana 107 Toby Matt and Natasha Hendrix TBA Unknown
Last Night Game Show 108 Taylor Symoné TBA Unknown
Hardcore Girls 109 Taylor Symoné and Natasha Hendrix TBA Unknown

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